Getting Started with Brush Lettering is perfect for you if you want to start hand lettering. Order your copy today! This book will cover everything you want to learn about brush lettering for beginners: materials, printable guides and drills, uppercase and lowercase letters, developing your own unique brush lettering style, and monetizing your lettering.

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Getting Started with Brush Lettering

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This book was designed to be a guide for brush lettering beginners—for those of you who want to dive into brush lettering but have no idea where to start. There are so many great resources out there, but I wanted to put together a comprehensive (and in-depth) guide so you could find all of your answers in one spot. 

Getting Started with Brush Lettering - Recommended materials

In the e-book, we’ll go over all of the basic materials you’ll need, diving into the different pen types, paper types, accessories that may make your life easier, and even how to store your pens and keep your materials organized. 

Next, we’ll talk about brush lettering basics, including strokes needed to create common letterforms. I’ll go over brush lettering anatomy and will teach you how to set up your paper so you can practice easily. 

Getting Started with Brush Lettering - Printable practice sheets

Within this book you’ll be able to practice uppercase and lowercase letters, learn drills to help you get used to a new pen, and practice drills for joins and letter pairs.

Finally, we will touch on next steps for your brush lettering journey, including transforming your letter styles to make them your own.

We’ll also talk about how to turn your passion for brush calligraphy into a career by creating commissioned art or digitizing your work and selling it online.

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Getting Started with Brush Lettering ebook

Getting Started with Brush Lettering delves into everything you need to know when learning about and improving your brush lettering:

  • Materials including pens, paper, accessories, retailers and starter kits—and how to choose the supplies that work best for you
  • 75 total pages of printable worksheets with drills for practicing brush lettering
  • Uppercase and lowercase practice sheets
  • Letter pairs and joins
  • Intentional practicing, including a sample practice schedule
  • Developing your own unique brush lettering style
  • Next steps, including best practices on sharing your work and developing your portfolio
  • Discussion on how to make money with brush lettering
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